STARDUSTt ACADEMY, Provides Multiple Programs for Different Ages.


Triple Threat

A “Triple Threat” performer is a performer who can Act, Sing and Dance. “Triple Threat” performers are multi-talented and well-rounded performers who have a competitive advantage because they are versatile and, therefore, more marketable.

Our Acting, Dancing and Singing Programs offer the classes necessary to develop and "fine tune" these skills that enable them to become serious, polished performers. As they develop these skills their confidence will begin to soar and their self-esteem will increase.



Broadway Kids

Our “Broadway Kids” program is a precursor to our Triple Threat Program. This is for a younger age group who are beginning to learn the skills to Act, Sing and Dance. Our Acting, Dancing and Singing Programs offer the training necessary to develop these skills that enable them to become serious, polished performers.

As they develop these skills we build their confidence and their self-esteem will increase. These benefits will overflow into other aspects of their lives and they will become more confident in themselves and their abilities.



Tiny Tots

Our “Tiny Tots” program is an introduction to Musical Theatre. This is for our youngest age group who are beginning to learn basic performance skills. We introduce these skills, through games, and imagination.

They will develop self confidence as they are encouraged to share their ideas, and participate in group activities. They also learn the value of teamwork and respect as they learn to work as a group.




We offer group acting classes for two age groups. Classes run for 1 hour twice weekly, with a possibility of additional rehearsal time in the second semester.

All students will get a review of basic acting technique, and theatre history through coursework and games.

They will learn movement techniques, stage directions all while building confidence as a performer.



Music & Vocals

We offer private voice lessons by skilled and qualified professional teachers from around the world. 

Students can take a minimum of 30 minutes, up to 1 hour vocal class.

Depending on the current teacher, students may also study an instrument such as piano, guitar and others depending on the teacher's specialty.

This is new for us this year! Acro is a combination of gymnastics skills, flexibility, strength, and choreography. Students will learn basic acro skills, while developing flexibility and strength.




Students will work on basic tap technique, rhythm and musicality, and further develop more complex steps. We focus on technique in the first semester, and work on choreography in the second semester.

Students will learn and develop basic jazz technique through warm-up, exercises, and choreography throughout the first semester. Students will be divided by ability not necessarily by age.