Course Breakdown: 8 months (2 terms) Limited to only 15 students per age groupActing 1: 7-10 years oldActing 2: 11-15 years old

We offer group acting classes for two age groups. Classes run for 1 hour twice weekly, with a possibility of additional rehearsal time in the second semester.

All students will get a review of basic acting technique, and theatre history through coursework and games. They will learn movement techniques, stage directions all while building confidence as a performer.

First semester, students will learn a monologue, partner or group scenes, and get a crash course in film and TV acting.

Acting students will also be included and featured in the end of year show, if they participate in the second semester.

All students are expected to wear
“movement friendly clothing” to each class.

Fall Term (September to December)

14 weeks

The emphasis in this term is on “process” rather than “product”.

Spring Term (January to April)

PERFORMANCE PHASE (rehearsal process)

The emphasis in this term is on the final product of the year end show.