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Stardust Accademy

Since its creation 8 years ago, Stardust has been host to over 20 teachers from around the world, over 700 students, and put on 15 spectacular shows! We've come a long way from our humble beginnings of merely 35 students when we first opened in 2011. We have built a supportive community of returning students, and teachers who share a passion for the arts.

Shows & Events

Every year, Stardust Academy presents two shows to showcase all of our students and their hard work. The first performance in early spring, is a variety type show featuring all students from dance classes, acting classes, and private vocal lessons. Every year, the show has a slightly different formula, inspired by the students of the current year. The second performance is a well known musical put on by the Triple Threat class.

Beauty and the Beast2018



Charlie Chocolate Factory 2018