We have an award-winning teachers from across the country to hear their stories and, hopefully, find out a bit about what it is exactly that makes them great. take a look at some of the Teacher Profiles below to learn a bit more about what can make a teacher great.

Our TeamStardust Team 2020/2021


General Manager




Professional Dancer , Instructor and Choreographer

Talin Harbidyan is a professional dancer , instructor and choreographer, she graduated from the Urdang Academy of Performing Arts in London with a major in Dance and Musical Theatre . Talin taught dance for children and adults and choreographed dances for different events and shows across the Middle East and performed in different countries across The middle East, Europe and the Unites states .

Talin is currently a PYP dance teacher at the Montessori school and The founder of TalinDance in Amman/Jordan . Her vision is to increase exposure of the contemporary dance art form in Jordan. Talin is looking forward to start her journey at Stardust Academy where she will be sharing her love to the arts by choreographing and teaching the Triple thret program, contemporary and Jazz Dance.


Teaching the Triple Threat and Acting Programs

In a span of ten years, Nairuz performed and produced creative work for the entertainment industry, including theatrical and televised shows, experimental projects, music scores and live music concerts locally and internationally. His dedication to being a lifelong learner led him to take up a career in education.

With over 5 years of experience teaching drama and music subjects in the IB-PYP and the IB-DP, Nairuz incorporates a multitude of emotive styles in his approaches to teaching and learning several performance conventions. Nairuz will be teaching the triple threat and acting programs in Stardust this year.


Teaching the Vocal Classes

Musician,Guitarist, bass player, singer, and Audio engineer, started his music journey when he was 15 years old back in Syria. Firas joined many bands with many different music genres. He traveled to Jordan and started his musical journey by creating bands such as Guitinai and Namleh. Firas was involved in projects with Jordanian artists such as Tareq Nasser, Rum, and Aziz Maraka. Firas also Attended “X-factor Arabia” with his band Guitanai and reached the finals. He got his degree in audio engineering from SAE followed by many work opportunities with Radio stations as the production manager. Firas studied music at The Jordan Academy For Music, specialized in opera singing And composing.

Now he has his own audio studio production house. His passion is working with kids as he has been creating bands in schools for kids between 9 and 18 years old. Firas will be teaching the Vocal classes in stardust this year!


Teaching the Hiphop classes

a hiphop dancer who specializes in funk style. He started his journey of dance in 2004. He is a Choreographer and artistic director at the worlds talent theater. Zuka has worked with many famous artists such as, Cheb Khaled and silento.

He was the world finalist at Redbull Paris dance tour style,and a winner of many competitions around the world. He created many performances around the world in countries like India , Thailand , turkey , France and Lebanon. Zuka will be teaching the Hiphop classes in Stardust this year!